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A flexible marketplace and exchange platform that fits
any type of instruments – goods, digital assets or services.

We fit your needs


From cryptocurrencies to recycled plastic, you can be sure exberry fits your exchange field. exberry is built with flexibility in mind and will operate any marketplace’s industry.


Exberry exchange engine allows for unlimited growth.
From small exchanges just got into business to enterprise scale exchanges with billions of orders per day.

Outstanding Benefits

Launch quickly

With a setup time of minutes, Exberry enables you to launch your exchange quickly without waiting months or wasting money on setup fees.

Low latency matching engine

Exberry is built with performance in mind and powered by a low latency matching engine. Our algorithm is based on price and time priority and supports auction or fixed price matching methods as required. Matches take 20μs while supporting up to million actions per second.

Discover instrument full book

Exberry is an Orders and Executions Management (OEM), allowing your clients to see the full book of every instrument and execute either a Limit or Market orders, setting the real value of the market.

Flexible pricing plans

Save money by only paying for what you use. Our flexible pricing plans are convenient for small, medium or enterprise marketplaces.


Create an exchange for any instrument
Manage supply & demand order book
Immediate & long living orders
Intuitive back-office
Real-time business rules tracking
Easy to integrate API
Fully cloud based solution
Personal account manager
Lifetime history of all transactions and orders
Free account for integration period

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