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Exberry helps exchange pioneers, at all levels & of all sizes, launch, pivot, break ground & scale. Exberry – defining the future of exchanges.

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From tokenized assets to recycled plastic, you can be sure Exberry fits your exchange field. Exberry is built with flexibility in mind and will operate in any marketplace’s industry.
Exberry – exchanges for the digital world.


Exberry exchange engine allows for unlimited growth.
For new entrant small exchanges to enterprise scale exchanges with billions of orders per day.

Outstanding Benefits

Launch quickly

With a setup time of minutes, Exberry enables you to launch your exchange quickly without waiting months or wasting money on setup fees.

Low latency matching engine

Exberry is built with performance in mind and powered by a low latency matching engine. Our algorithm is based on price and time priority and supports auction or fixed price matching methods as required.

Discover instrument full book

Exberry is an Orders and Executions Management (OEM), allowing your clients to see the full book of every instrument and execute either a Limit or Market order, setting the real value of the market.

Flexible pricing plans

Save money by only paying for what you use. Our flexible pricing plans are convenient for small, medium or enterprise marketplaces.


suited to support every type of marketplace from traditional assets (on exchange traded financial instruments including equity, futures and commodities) to digital assets including security tokens or tokenized assets, alternative assets as well as gaming and real estate.

All of your systems such as test, UAT, certification, DR and production, are all managed from one central Exberry console where markets, instruments, users etc. are defined and managed. This allows you to scale with minimum cost, as managing all aspects of your current systems, and launching new markets and exchanges are simple, fast and easy.

Exberry’s real-time rules based monitoring of trading supports your monitoring of market activity, supports your efforts to provide an orderly market, increases KYC, and heightens your understanding of market behaviours. Once detected, circuit breakers, for example, alert exchange staff to the trigger, and the system can even automatically halt trading.

Getting started couldn’t be simpler. Explore our API documentation and sandbox at,. If FIX or binary protocols are required, we’ll deliver these too.

Our modular, cloud ready structure built using micro services and Kubernets, means our core matching engine can be deployed on any cloud anywhere, which includes physical hardware by the way.

Exberry will store all data for as long as you want. It’s easily searched and accessed via the Exberry Console, or via the API. Use this feature to deploy a state of the art surveillance platform and data analytics tool of your choice.

Use our public sandbox at, or contact us to arrange a private environment. Play before you pay, and ensure Exberry is right for you and that you fully appreciate what is available out of the box. Our product team of experienced technologists and exchange experts is on hand to engage and expand the functionality further to meet your requirements.

Managed from the central Exberry Console, the exchange system can be deployed anywhere anytime. Literally. Configure a cloud instance anywhere in the world, and drop your new exchange system there; set up infrastructure in a data centre location next to your key market makers, and offer co-location high frequency trading access; set up a new temporary test system for a client proprietary and public shy new algo requiring certification and testing. It’s all managed in the Exberry Console, and completed in minutes.

Client Engagement

Customer Engagement

Exberry’s agile and iterative development & delivery process is tightly linked with the customer experience. Customers are encouraged to partner with us through the development cycles & provide early feedback. This allows for prototyping and continuous feedback facilitating the evolution of ideas and designs. Exberry’s team of industry experts will provide expertise & advice throughout to deliver the solution you need.

Validate with Exberry & Scale

Exchange pioneers at all levels and sizes can test ideas and create new markets without breaking the bank. Made possible through our flexible commercials and access to sandbox environments coupled with collaborative customer engagement. With Exberry’s core matching engine, exchanges can readily scale up or down depending on customer feedback – all in real-time.

Continues Service Delivery

Exberry’s dedicated support team is available 24×7. Combined with our continuous service delivery architecture, you know you can rely on us to keep your exchange up and running, without any interruptions, day in and day out.

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