December 13, 2023


Exberry CEO, Guy Melamed, reflects on the innovative changes of the past year

The year 2023 provided markets with continued uncertainty against a backdrop of high inflation, high interest rates, ongoing effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas War, and, belatedly, concerns of recession. Yet it’s against this background of economic uncertainty that I see an embryo of change. 

Notwithstanding this shifting tide of events, a continuous push towards digitisation within the financial services sector has marched on regardless. For me, 2023 is a year that has encapsulated this state of the catalysation of transformation changes, particularly when it comes to the trading infrastructures of financial exchanges. 

Highlights of 2023

What is exciting for me, is that it is precisely this sort of transformative change that Exberry excels at. Here’s a look at some of the highlights of 2023 for Exberry…

1. The realisation of cloud 

This last year in particular has shown that major trading infrastructures are following the example of leading banks, by turning the prospect of the use of cloud into a reality. Exberry is now extremely proud to support two major cloud providers, while still maintaining its cloud-agnostic stance. In May, we showed how Exberry, in collaboration with AWS, can build a cloud-native matching engine capable of processing 1 million trades per sec, with 20 microseconds latency. In November, Exberry also announced that it was now building new financial services solutions through the use of Google Cloud. We’re very excited about our cloud developments in 2024 – watch this space!

2. Active enhancement of Exberry’s trading capabilities

Behind the scenes, Exberry’s technical team was busy improving and strengthening trading capabilities through enhancements to our institutional-grade platform. It is our mission to keep abreast of change, providing fully-comprehensive trading platforms for regulated exchanges using best-in-class technology. The most recent example of this was Exberry providing Singapore-based commodity exchange, Abaxx Exchange, with a powerful, ultra-low latency platform offering brokers and Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) seamless market access. Fit to compete with the largest incumbents and service providers in the highly competitive global commodity futures markets, the off-the-shelf matching engine and central order book solution is built on the cloud and delivered as a SaaS (software as a service).

3. Continued growth and connections

Experiencing continued growth and forging meaningful connections, Exberry has achieved notable gains. The addition of seasoned professionals, such as Ulf Axman joining us as Chief Commercial Officer, has significantly elevated our team’s quality – along with many other team members, architects, project management developers and more, all supporting our growth. Most importantly, we have preserved our core DNA – defining Exberry as pioneers dedicated to revolutionising the trading infrastructure space. We have also been proactive by joining up with those across the industry, working closely with the Association of Futures Markets (AFM), the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), and the Futures Industry Association (FIA) to get our message across. 

We are excited about joining our new customers together with our partners, in terms of the positive potential that change can bring. We think that this embryo of change will only get bigger – with benefits to the industry as a whole.

Increased rate of reaction

Over the past year I have had conversations with a number of significant exchanges, all of which are starting to sketch a trajectory to the cloud. This to me signifies that 2023 has represented a catalyst for transformation, not only for Exberry itself, but also for the industry as a whole. 

I’m looking forward to 2024, where I think  we can expect to see the rate of reaction speed up, the outcome of which will be extremely interesting to observe indeed.

On a personal note, may this year-end be filled with family time, safety and joy. Wishing you all health and prosperity in the new year.  –  Guy Melamed

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