Bring new markets
live in days.

End-to-end solution with partners.

Exberry enables marketplaces and exchanges to build end-to-end solutions by integrating preferred solutions using websocket based modern APIs as well as established capital markets feeds such as FIX.

Exberry partners with carefully selected vendors, providing a near off the shelf integrated end to end exchange ecosystem.

Exberry partners with carefully selected vendors, providing a near off the shelf integrated end to end exchange ecosystem.

Our customers can launch a distributed ledger based and centrally cleared market, of any type, in a fraction of the time and cost. Cloud-native and built with modern markets in mind, the integrated solution is a combination of products that eliminate the need for reconciliation, automates intra and top day margin process, and enables pre-trade and pre-order risk and collateral calculations. The ecosystem maintains an immutable audit trail of orders and trades.

End-to-end Exchange Platform

matching engine, clearing, settlement, and registry platform

Create markets of any type

Spot markets, derivatives, structured products, etc.

Scale from micro markets to large installations

The infrastructure is designed to grow with your exchange.

Launch a complete sandbox

Production setup in days.


Manage risk, collateral, margining, and settlement processes through automation and a trusted central counterparty.

Connect your market to a growing ecosystem

3rd party APIs, networks, and services with ease.


Your exchange’s transactions with complete ledger immutability.

Scalable and reliable matching engine

The exchange ecosystem is powered by a regulator friendly, cloud native, scalable matching engine which is agnostic to asset class. It manages sustained loads of 1 million messages per second with low latency and low jitter capabilities.

Create and list new products in seconds

New products can be listed in seconds thanks to the integration of all the components through a common ledger. Cash and collateral management can be facilitated side-by-side with all trading activity.

List unique spot and derivatives markets side by side

Digital exchanges can quickly implement innovative, industry-reforming, liquidity-enhancing and stable spot markets. This joint solutions allow for any pair of assets and its associated derivatives to be created, listed, traded, and settled securely.

Go from concept to scale in days
with flexible options designed for your needs
For institutions big or small, new or established, this offering accelerates and de-risks the entire process of bringing new markets to life. At the cost of 3 to 4 full time developers, Baymarkets, Digital Asset, and Exberry deliver enterprise quality, regulated market level exchange, clearing, and register functionality that can be deployed in days.
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Exberry delivers a purpose built exchange infrastructure regardless of the asset class or opportunity.
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Baymarkets provides a complete real time asset class agnostic modular clearing system.
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Digital Asset is the creator of DAML, a language designed to allow businesses to build applications that collaborate.

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