September 27, 2022
Nebula by Exberry
Nebula takes the Exberry trading engines to the next level: Instantly launch your digital securities exchange and marketplace for any asset without programming a single line of code.

The exchange platform that grows with you!

SwapWhale makes launching and managing an exchange easy and worry-free. Focus on your business and forget about switching system when you scale up.


Flexx is a flexible exchange platform that fits all broker types, whether it’s for cryptocurrency or consumable goods.

How can Flexx help you

Quick matching engine

Execute trader’s orders quickly and reliably with our matching engine. MORE TEXT MORE TEXT

Smart circuit breaker

Adjust your exchange to limit or stop trading on assets with our flexible ruling mechanism. Protect your traders from potential loses if the market goes crazy.

Flexible pricing plans

Pay only for what you use. Our pricing plans are flexible and changes according to your usage.

Launching an exchange has never been easier

1. Open an account in Flexx

Just define the assets, circuit breakers and trading calendars and you’re ready to go.

2. Integrate your broker with our API

Everything is exposed via our websocket API and we even provide you with a sandbox to easy integration.

3. Grow your exchange

Focus on what you do best, growing your business and customer base. We will take care of the rest.

Powerful Back-office

Flexx Back-office offers you full control on your exchange. Create assets, circuit breakers rules and manage your brokers with ease.

Easy Integration For Brokers
Flexx is simple to integrate with. Our WS API is supported by details documentation and provided with a sandbox for maximum convenience.
Auditing any transaction
Investigate and review any operation and transaction made in your exchaange. SwapScale includes a built-in auditing system for maximum assurance.
We've got your report
Always be backed by data.
SwapScale comes with a reporting system that help you understand and analyze your brokers better.

Flexx is the most flexible exchange platform

Don't limit your exchange to one type of assets

Flexx is not domain specific and can be used for any asset type: cryptocurrencies, commodities, physical products or anything else.

Flexible and scaleable from any stage

Flexx can support small exchanges just got into business, or enterprise scale exchange to support hundreds of thousands of traders.

Orders and executions management (OEM)

Flexx is an OEM, which means it support the order’s whole life cycle including generating the order, matchmaking and executing. It support Limit (GTC, GTD) and Market (IOC, FOK) order types.

Adjustable matching engine for maximum flexability

Flexx default matching algorithm is based on price and time priority (FIFO) and can be adjusted per the specific asset class requirements.

Why Flexx?

Yes, we might have a horrible name for the product, but worry not! It will change soon.
Meanwhile, I thought you would like to review some of our greatest features. This is why you’re here for, am I wrong?

Based on the latest technologies

ScaleWhale was developed in performance, stability and scalability as the highest priorities.
Our infrastructure is based on micro-services which allows agility and sophisticated testing capabilities, without compromising on the development process quality.

Ready for you demo?

Our team will be glad to let you know Flexx even better by offering you a demo.

Still got questions?

Our amazing team is looking forward hearing from you and answering your questions.
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