Exberry: 2024 — The Tipping Point for Market Infrastructure Transformation

Written By: Guy Melamed

February 5, 2024


“Traditional exchanges globally are at a critical juncture”, observes Deloitte’s “2024 Banking and Capital Markets Outlook” report. “Strategic choices they make now could determine whether they continue to grow—or even retain—market share and garner higher profits.”

Today’s market infrastructure providers need to navigate increased complexity and unpredictability. These pressures in turn intensify the need to urgently modernise outdated infrastructure and tackle technological debt.

The year 2024 is, I believe, we will bear witness to the much-anticipated tipping point for transformation of market infrastructure. The question now is: How can you ensure that your technological upgrade will be delivered within a timeframe that secures your competitiveness?

Please see the entire article here.

“Nobody gets fired for buying IBM”

The phrase “Nobody gets fired for buying IBM” has been a steadfast mantra in the tech industry, underscoring the inclination to choose established, reliable vendors to sidestep blame when issues arise. Twenty years ago, everyone knew that choosing reputable brands, such as IBM, was the way to go.

The Gulf Exchanges, They Are a-Changin’

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to visit the Gulf region. In particular, I attended both the Arab Federation of Capital Markets (AFCM) Annual Conference in Qatar, as well as The Capital Market Summit in Dubai.

Next-Gen Consultancy for Financial Markets

Ambitious financial exchanges need to keep growing. Yet in the world of capital markets this is not always a straightforward task. Each jurisdiction has its own national characteristics and different way of doing things. If an exchange decides to build its own trading or clearing infrastructure, unless it is happy paying an exorbitant cost, it will typically have to wait a number of years for delivery. So, what are the alternatives for exchanges?

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