Exberry chooses new CEO Guy Melamed to accelerate scale up

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: Tel Aviv and London, 26 May, 2021: Exberry, the marketplace technology pioneer, today announced that Guy Melamed has joined as CEO to accelerate its growth as it enters new marketplaces around the world. Exberry cloud native technology delivers an exchange matching engine that is easy to integrate, designed as a “Marketplace-as-a-Service” concept, allowing their users to reap the full benefits of an exchange-grade trading solution.

“Exberry has the potential to change the whole infrastructure of the financial world”, noted Melamed. “The technology will drive revolutionary change in the market, enabling the secure trading of digital assets. The solution can be extrapolated into so many industries and be used to quickly build scalable and flexible architectures that are significantly cheaper to implement.”

Exberry’s flexible modular structure means that clients have been able to start rolling-out new marketplaces within a number of weeks, rather than months or years, and enables global operations to be run from a single location. Exberry architecture is designed to support fast growing tokenized markets using the latest technologies combined with the safety, security and maturity provided by experienced market participants.

There are use cases across the entire spectrum of the market, from established exchanges modernising their platforms to emerging opportunities in eCommerce and eSports.

Daniel Ben Yehuda, CEO of OM2 holdings, Exberry’s backer, added: ”I am excited that Guy has joined the talented team at Exberry.  His proven ability to lead teams to transform markets will be central to our goal of putting Exberry at the core of digital markets around the world.”

Guy Melamed is a successful serial entrepreneur who has taken firms from startup to business exits, with particular experience in product and use-case development. He has held leadership roles in transformational companies such as Finova Capital – a hedge fund for blockchain technology and digital assets, GreenRoad – the global leader in driver behavior technology, and Ginger Software – leader in Natural Language Processing who sold part of their business to Intel for $30m in 2014.

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About Exberry

Exberry delivers a purpose built exchange infrastructure regardless of the asset class or opportunity. The core technology is deployed to enhance existing exchanges’ limited capabilities or to serve as the base for trading new digital assets.

Our core matching engine has been designed not only to compete with the technology used by the biggest exchanges in the world, but also as light to deploy, integrate and operate and is therefore an excellent fit for start-ups and anything in between.

We help exchange pioneers at all levels and of all sizes launch, pivot, break ground and scale. Unlike any other technology provider, Exberry delivers a blend of exchange and trading technology expertise for secondary market models, combining entrepreneurial pedigree and corporate strength.

Exberry is suited to support every type of marketplace from traditional assets (on exchange traded financial instruments including equity, futures and commodities) to digital assets including tokenized assets, alternative assets, as well as gaming and real estate.

Our technology and software engineering heritage combined with our strategic business counsel means Exberry can quickly scale with business growth, and is easy to integrate into new and existing ecosystems through well documented APIs and easy to access sandboxes.

Exberry is backed by the OM2 Group.  OM2 builds fintech companies together with entrepreneurs and partners who they believe will transform how people and enterprises finance, transact & interact.

To find out more, please go to exberry.io, follow us on Twitter @Exberry or visit our LinkedIn page.