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About endx

eNDX is a revolutionary new trading platform where eSports fans can buy, sell and collect in-game tokenised ‘shares’ representing their favorite eSports players 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year round. 

Purchases and sales of these virtual shares, whilst they provide no actual ownership or control over the players, serve to create a fun interactive market in which the prices of those in-game shares fluctuates based entirely on the total trader demand for each particular player. This means that the eNDX customers are experiencing the dynamics and energies of any well functioning and liquid market. 
The team behind eNDX consists of highly experienced entrepreneurs who bring a diverse range of expertise in technology, trading, blockchain and eSports.


The need

eNDX’ exchange ecosystem needs to be centered around a robust, scalable matching engine that allows eNDX to start with a very small initial system to reduce initial investments and project risks. At the same time, the system then needed the capability to scale extremely rapidly as market uptake amongst the global population of over 60 million eSports fans increased, and resulting and trading volumes increased. To ensure market integrity and trust, a capital markets grade system that would meet regulatory requirements was preferred. After careful vendor selection, Exberry was chosen. 
eNDX was very impressed with the ease of access to a 24×7 sandbox to validate functionality and the ease of integration based on modern APIs, removing the need of data reconciliation and duplication of historical data etc. Exberry’s ability to demonstrate readiness to pass regulatory requirements and competitive time to market sealed the deal.

The result

Exberry’s cutting-edge technology serves as the driving force behind the eNDX market. With our SaaS-delivered, cloud-native matching engine technology, Exberry ensures that the professional marketplace dynamics of eNDX align with the standards and performance expected in capital markets.
By leveraging Exberry’s powerful matching engine, eNDX benefits from high-performance and reliable trading capabilities. The cloud-native infrastructure ensures scalability, allowing the platform to handle increasing trading volumes with minimum notice periods, and maintain optimal performance even during peak times, while also allowing eNDX to control costs initially using a minimal footprint in the beginning.

Customer Stories

Instantly launch an exchange and marketplace for any asset without writing a single line of code. Create assets, configure instruments, and offer them for trading at the highest standards.

Exberry provided Abaxx with a fully-functional, regulation-ready, off-the-shelf matching engine and central order book solution built on the cloud.

Exberry’s cloud-native technology powers the esports marketplace ,eNDX, where fans can buy, sell and collect Player Tokens of their favorite esports players.

Vaultex, a regulated secondary marketplace in Singapore was seeking to revolutionize trading in precious metals by combining regulatory compliance with cutting-edge technologies.

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