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About Vaultex

Vaultex is a Gold and Precious Metals Exchange that combines regulatory compliance with best-of-breed technologies to facilitate asset tokenisation and the trading of allocated physical metals for institutional and accredited investors around the globe.


The need

With a focus on multiple asset classes, Vaultex sought a flexible platform that could support rapid growth across different jurisdictions while maintaining tight integration with a blockchain ledger, ensuring near real-time settlement and undisputable traceability to the physical underlying asset through the entire trading life cycle including tokenisation, secondary trading, transfer and storage.

The result

In their quest for a comprehensive solution, Vaultex turned to Exberry, our technology providing the perfect match for Vaultex’s requirements, offering a complete end-to-end solution that encompasses advanced trading functionalities, and integration with distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based settlement.

By leveraging Exberry’s platform, Vaultex gains access to a robust and scalable infrastructure that can seamlessly accommodate tokenised assets and security tokens across various asset classes. The platform’s flexibility allows Vaultex to expand its offerings exponentially while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements in multiple jurisdictions.

Nebula by Exberry is a game-changing, end-to-end solution that empowers Vaultex to overcome regulatory barriers and concentrate on expanding its business across diverse asset classes. With Nebula’s comprehensive capabilities, Vaultex gains the flexibility to tailor the ideal workflow for each asset class, covering everything from tokenisation and trading, to seamless and immediate settlement.

Customer Stories

Instantly launch an exchange and marketplace for any asset without writing a single line of code. Create assets, configure instruments, and offer them for trading at the highest standards.

Exberry provided Abaxx with a fully-functional, regulation-ready, off-the-shelf matching engine and central order book solution built on the cloud.

Exberry’s cloud-native technology powers the esports marketplace ,eNDX, where fans can buy, sell and collect Player Tokens of their favorite esports players.

Vaultex, a regulated secondary marketplace in Singapore was seeking to revolutionize trading in precious metals by combining regulatory compliance with cutting-edge technologies.

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