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Faced with rapid technological changes, cloud migration, new system integration, regulatory compliance, and growing customer demands, financial exchanges require constant innovation and adaptation. These exchanges typically face a choice: either buy a piece of vendor technology off the shelf, or build and manage the technology themselves.


That’s why Exberry has pioneered a set of innovative cloud technology solutions. These enable exchanges to not only build systems in-house, but also benefit from agile, next-generation cloud technology. This cutting-edge technology has the ability to handle high frequency, low-latency critical missions — crucial for today’s fast-paced markets.


Benefit from Exberry’s digital and cloud transformation expertise, honed from years of providing trusted capital-market-grade solutions to regulated financial exchanges and other market infrastructure providers. Optimise your strategy and transformation for your individual markets’ needs, ensuring resilience, agility and growth. Conclude the project by taking control of your own next-gen, cross-asset platform with advanced institutional-grade solutions.

Exberry’s advanced capital-market-grade technology is regularly vetted by industry leaders and regulators around the world and deployed across multiple markets. 


Exberry uses this in-depth experience to tackle custom consulting and knowledge-sharing initiatives, including digitalisation and cloud strategies, operational improvement and establishing new markets. 


Our comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s unique requirements enables us to craft tailored solutions that perfectly address your specific needs.


Below is a a range of settings we cover:


◗ Strategic Advice

Organisations and leaders must grasp the impact of long-term trends, transforming them into actionable strategies. Exberry guides planning of strategies and client execution.

◗ Technology Consulting

Leverage sustainable technology for value creation with our experts supporting change management, compliance, and process implementation at all levels, including pre-studies, vendor selection, and back-office system upgrades.

◗ Cloud Consulting

Cloud technology’s scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency make it the ideal choice for building a trading platform, offering unmatched speed-to-market and security compared to on-premises solutions. Exberry is cloud agnostic, with experience of partnering with all major cloud providers.

◗ Market and Exchange Operation Set-up

Our business and technical expertise supports clients in setting up markets, digitalisation, risk management and ensuring regulatory compliance, alongside establishing new operations.

◗ Regulatory Application Support

Market entrants need to gain regulatory approval before trading, which is usually a 9-18 month process. Exberry’s extensive experience in working with regulators provides a suite of support and knowledge to assist with regulatory compliance.

◗ Change Management

Exberry’s experts employ best practices and tools in change management to drive business transformations, enhancing new process outputs through risk mitigation, and supporting large-scale programs for tangible results.

◗ System Selection

Exberry’s specialists can catalyse business transformations, optimising the performance of new processes with risk mitigation and backing extensive programmes to achieve concrete outcomes.

Benefits of Exberry’s Consulting Service:

◗ Bring new markets to life in days

We help clients anticipate change and solve pre-trade, trading, and post-trade problems, setting the standard with industry expertise, exceptional service and comprehensive technology. Our approach accelerates delivery, reducing the often prohibitive costs to launch innovative ideas.

◗ Test exchange infrastructure

Easy access to sandboxes allows companies to quickly test the viability of processes. Our low operational costs provide you with continuous access to a public sandbox environment to practise, build and import your data. This allows for immediate, zero-barrier prototyping, and the development of advanced MVPs before transitioning to a full production environment.

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