Crypto & NFT

Crypto and NFT platforms are a growing market and often come together with a startup mindset which means fast setup and agile.
Our solutions fit perfectly with this industry
Case Study
Case 1: As regulatory pressures increase in the crypto trading sphere, exchanges are reviewing their technology stacks and upgrading their matching engines. With Exberry, crypto exchanges upgrade their matching engines to capital markets level technology, ensuring they will meet regulatory requirements as well as provide market makers with low latency and short tail trading experience, allowing them to offer lower spreads to the market. This helps exchanges remain competitive and gain an edge over their competitors. Exberry’s technology is light to deploy and easily integrated into existing stacks and many of the largest market makers are integrated off the shelf.

Case 2: Launching a new NFT marketplace is done without writing a single line of code using Nebula by Exberry; New initiatives from both existing and new markets are up and running in days with our technology, offering a real trading experience of NFTs and other tokenised assets

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