Exberry for Digital Assets Compliance-Conforming, Capital Market-Grade Exchange Technology for Digital Assets

Founded on trusted technology, Exberry empowers exchanges to capitalise on the evolving digital assets landscape, while confidently meeting increased regulatory demand.
Asset creation Primary Placement
Secondary trading
Real-time settlement
Traditional / DLT ledger technology
Trusted by leading global regulated markets

Ensure your trading infrastructure for digital assets is regulation-ready

As digital assets become more integrated into financial markets, regulators are keen to enhance their oversight.
Financial exchanges now need to ensure their technology is updated for regulatory compliance and their solutions meet the demanding needs of capital markets.

Exberry provides robust, fully-scalable and secure trading technology that meets the critical requirements of regulated markets, offering a high-performance and enterprise-grade solution.


Build trusted digital asset trading capabilities

◗ Robust technology

Secure, scalable infrastructure enabling trading, transparency and compliance.

◗ Next-level trading

Cutting-edge marketplace and capital-market-grade exchange for a seamless trading experience.

◗ Regulation-ready

Demonstrated readiness to pass regulatory requirements and competitive time to market

Focus on your business, we’ll do the rest

Our no-code approach revolutionises the way you build and deploy your exchange. With our intuitive tools and pre-built modules, you can configure your platform to meet your individual requirements, from asset types to trading rules, all without a single line of code.

Fully Customisable, Modular, Scalable, Fault-tolerable Marketplace Architecture

Ensure your trading infrastructure for digital assets is regulation-ready

Trusted by capital market-grade institutions

◗ User accounts

Manage users and accounts, allow trading on behalf of an account, and maintain account balance. Manage onboarding and KYC.

◗ Assets

Create and manage asset lifecycles. Track asset holders in real time.


Accept and process order requests according to defined market model, including funds allocation and position management.  
Send orders for matching engine once pre-order processing is completed.

◗ Wallet/ledger

Real-time ledger updates including deposits, withdraw, real-time trade settlement and fees.
Configurable on DLT/Blockchain technology, or without.

◗ Modern & Advanced API’s

FIX: Proprietary FIX acceptor allowing plug & play connection.
Websocket: Secure JSON over websocket API for easy integration.
Admin API: Full management of market through admin API.

◗ Trading Application

Enable users to navigate easily through markets, view real-time market data, place, cancel or modify orders via a white label web application and mobile-responsive front-end trading.

◗ Admin Application

Manage and monitor market configurations and participant access with our secure, web-based, user-friendly Admin. Includes: real-time market watch, reporting and real-time notifications.

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Regulated Exchanges and AI: What’s Behind the Hype

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Key Insights from WFEClear 2024 Conference

A few weeks ago, along with my colleagues, I attended the WFEClear 2024 Conference in Madrid, which focused on clearing and derivatives. Many relevant topics were discussed in the well-attended event and, specifically, I noted the panel on “Practicalities of DLT and Clearing” explored advancements in distributed ledger technology and its potential intersection with central clearing.

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Modernising Post-Trade Systems: A Journey, Not a Destination

Post-trade processing is an integral part of the financial services industry as it verifies the details of very often instantaneous transactions. Similar to shifts in the rest of the financial services industry, clearing and settlement firms are being influenced by the emphasis of real-time risk management and data-driven decision-making.

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