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End-to-End exchange ecosystem for regulated and digital securities markets

A fully-compliant, end-to-end exchange platform covering asset creation, primary and secondary markets, risk, and central counterparty clearing functionality.

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Enterprise-grade trading, risk & clearing solution for regulated markets – deployable in unprecedented time

◗ SaaS

Experience complete operational efficiency without the costs of maintaining aging infrastructure and legacy software. 

◗ Cloud / on-prem / bare metal

Employ and deploy new asset types with optimised speed and cost. Capture new opportunities at your own pace. Not ready for cloud? Simply run our SaaS on dedicated servers and migrate later.

◗ Extensive Partner Ecosystem

We’ve cherry-picked our partners, vendors and technology providers to enable the scalable deployment of flexible, modular exchange ecosystems.

Leverage best-in-class trading with hand-picked selected vendors

Build and tailor your own exchange solution via end-to-end, fully-compliant asset creation, matching engine, risk, clearing and custody.

Features & Benefits

◗ Asset Creation

Generate new assets and cater to target market demands.

◗ Matching Engine

Match, buy and sell orders efficiently, optimising liquidity and improving trading experiences, facilitating both a primary and secondary market.

◗ Trading application and APIs

Get trading Application access to markets and efficient low-latency APIs.

◗ Risk

Enhance risk management practices, proactively identify potential vulnerabilities, and take appropriate measures to protect trading operations.

◗ Clearing

Enjoy prompt settlement and risk mitigation via fully comprehensive, streamlined clearing.

◗ Market Surveillance

Systematic and continuous monitoring of trading activities and market behaviors to ensure fair, transparent and efficient trading operations.

API-first approach Integrate seamlessly and easily with any ecosystem

All market types

Matching Engin

Use Case

A national stock exchange offering equity markets, futures on equities, indexes and a handful of commodities, corporate and government bonds are today operating no less than three separate matching engines and an isolated system for IPOs and primary market processes before a security is admitted for trading in the secondary market. 

Maintenance and operational costs are very high, and at any given time at least one of the systems are going through an expensive upgrade and enhancement process to be on a later version, upgrade the hardware, or introduce some new functionality to the exchange participants. 

The change management process is very slow and the cost of implementing new ideas usually slows down or even prevents the introduction of services the market, the exchange board and national politicians all agree would benefit the local economy and capital markets function. 

The Exchange decided to review options to see if there is a simpler solution that would allow them to constantly be on the latest versions, quickly introduce new services and ideally run all markets in the same system, possibly deployed in a few instances to reduce operational risk. 

After an extensive market research, Exberry was the selected service provider. 
Through its innovative and robust Software as a Service, a fit for purpose exchange platform was launched in a few months mapping in detail to the Exchange and regulator requirements. 
The equity market remains installed on local hardware, and all other markets, where access latency is less sensitive, has been moved to a local cloud provider. The actual market migration was done step by step, avoiding a big bang launch and a gradual decommission of existing infrastructure. This reduces the implementation burden on banks and brokers, and de-risks the launch of the new system.The result is vastly reduced cost of ownership, and greatly reduced barrier to changes and introductions of new services. The net result is a better functioning capital market benefiting the national economy, and improved profitability for the exchange.

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Ulf Axman joins Exberry as chief commercial officer

Leading exchange technology provider Exberry has been making strides in the Capital Markets landscape, empowering both established national stock exchanges and emerging market players, as well as enabling swift, cost-effective launch, scalability, and adaptability. Their trading systems and exchange infrastructure are driven by SaaS and are adaptable to various cloud environments, making them the go-to choice for capital markets seeking next-generation solutions, whether operating on-premises or in the cloud.

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