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Webinar hosted by Patrick Young, Exchange Invest – March 2021

In February 2021 Exberry announced a new partnership with Digital Asset and Baymarkets to provide  an end-to-end exchange platform combining cutting edge exchange infrastructure with central counterparty clearing functionality. This effort enables new digital asset marketplaces to launch on a fully-compliant platform encompassing registry, custody, trading, matching and clearing services.
In March, Patrick Young, founder of Exchange Invest, hosted “The End To End Digital Asset Platform” webinar to dig deeper into the implications of this partnership. He was joined by
  • Magnus Almqvist, Head of Exchange Development at Exberry
  • Peter Fredriksson, the Executive Chairman and co-founder of Baymarkets 
  • Eric Saraniecki, Co-Founder and Head of Product, of Digital Asset

Exberry was pleased to take part in the discussion about our new technology cooperation to bring state of the art exchange execution, clearing services and settlement to any kind of legal trading venue.

Over the course of an hour we touched upon the strengths of the partners, the proposition and target markets, the future of digital assets, market evolution, growth of exchanges, market forces and regulation, ensuring liquidity, clearing in the digital world, and ended with a look at the next big thing.  

One key area we are all thinking about is  I see it more as a technical evolution. Initially, share certificates were printed papers with big stamps. That moved on to electronic forms stored in computer systems and ledgers. 

I see smart contracts and the ability to build in so much more logic and checkpoints into the actual financial instrument. So for me the answer is yes, everything will become a digital asset. – Magnus Almqvist. 

You can find the video here to see more highlights from the discussion.  We hope you enjoy!

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