Why it’s time for a new approach to market infrastructure

January 1, 2024


Due to hyper-volatile markets over the past few years, financial exchanges have experienced exorbitant trading volumes and activity. At the same time, however, market infrastructure operators are facing shrinking margins, as well as competition from a more diverse set of participants hungry for cheaper costs and access to trade. How can the next generation of trading technology help market providers flex during these challenging conditions?  

Exberry has released its latest collaborative webinar, co-hosted with The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), covering the issue of “Next-Generation Market Infrastructure: Embracing for the future”. Featuring speakers Valdene Reddy (Director Capital Markets at Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Alex Mirarchi (Principal Capital Markets Specialist at Amazon Web Services (AWS)), Guy Melamed (Co-founder & CEO at Exberry), Ronen Nachmias (Co-founder & CTO at Exberry), and moderated by James Auliffe (Manager, Regulatory Affairs at WFE), the discussion focused on key technological advancements in trading technologies and post-trade processes. 

Watch our complimentary webinar here to find out more about:

  • The latest technology trends
  • Challenges with current market infrastructures
  • The benefits of cloud for delivering capacity and low-latency speeds
  • The use cases around Generative AI and DLT
  • The benefits of central clearing parties (CCPs) moving more to the cloud
  • How delivery mechanisms of next-gen technologies can help market infrastructure providers adapt to the future

Click here to view the Exberry/WFE “Next-Generation Market Infrastructure: Embracing for the future” webinar.

Exberry arrives on Google Cloud Marketplace

Building upon its strong track record as a cloud-agnostic exchange infrastructure provider, with numerous clients already benefiting from its cloud-based solutions, Exberry’s collaboration with Google Cloud marks a significant milestone to create a dynamic ecosystem tailored for the future of financial markets.

Transforming markets: Innovations shaping the future of capital markets

In today’s capital markets, we’re witnessing a period marked by an extraordinary cadence of changes. The confluence of technological innovation, evolving regulatory frameworks, and shifting investor behaviour is unlike any other time in history. This era is juxtaposed with significant infrastructure changes: the rise of cloud computing, AI and SaaS operations. These advancements are enabling a level of flexibility, agility and innovation that traditional solutions cannot match.

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